Chinese Tui Na Massage

(Pronounced ‘twee nah’) is the most tried and tested hands-on therapy in the world.  Tui Na is a therapeutic form of massage and has been usedin China for more than 2,000 years.  Tui Na works deeply with the positive energy of the body, allowing blocked energy to flow.

Deep Tissue Massage

Is a therapy that delves deeply to reach muscle, fascia and connective tissue. Applied judiciously by a skilled practitioner, it helps improve posture, ease movement and release chronic tension. The strokes used in deep tissue massage are similar to those used in Swedish - just using stronger pressure.

What is Ashiatsu massage?

In the Japenese language “Ashi” translates to foot and “Atsu” into pressure. Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy, is a barefoot massage technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing their feet and body weight. Working with gravity instead of against it, Ashiatsu therapists are able to provide an effective therapeutic massage without causing pain or discomfort to themselves or the receiving client.

Cream or oil is applied to the clients body making this deep therapeutic massage fluid and relaxing. Parallel bars are used above the massage table for balance, support and client safety.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage can be traced back to Thailand, and is known for restorative healing, Thai Massage uses yoga-like positions and includes compression, pulls, stretches and rocking motions. This massage technique uses no oils or lotions and there is constant body contact between the giver and receiver. During the massage, you will remain fully clothed. We recommend comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that does not include tight waistbands or restrictions. Thai Massage provides relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, increases flexibility, reduces tightness and swelling, improves concentration and creativity and enhances balance.

Cupping Massage

It looks different and the cups will  leave marks but you will feel all GOOD!!! The cups can pull old, stagnant blood and cellular waste out of cells. Marks might stay 3-6 days depending on how your body processes, past trauma to the body, how old the injury etc.

Due to the highly increased circulation it is very important to stay hydrated and after the treatment to avoid heat.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a magical time in any woman’s life. However, the dramatic changes that take place in your body as your pregnancy progresses can add stress to weight-bearing joints, cause painful backaches, and result in uncomfortable symptoms ranging from headaches and digestive problems to sciatica and chronic muscle tension. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce these symptoms as well as improve labor outcomes and newborn health.